Rough Notes:  Video Resources on the Web

Presentation by Hall Davidson at the Midwest Internet Institute

Great archives for old material from black and white dancing cigarette ads to old  political television ads.

More of the same, plus deeper resources

(for sale).  See the notes below.  British footage from all realms and subject areas.  For PowerPoint, web, and more

Great commercial vender for instructional media in Quicktime, Windows Media Player, and some streaming only resources

From the great folks at PBS

Very good stuff from Nova.  Some for streaming, some for download.

Very good stuff from Nature.  Some for streaming, some for download.

More quirky, but valuable material

 For streaming.

This excerpt from "Inside the Teenage Brain" offers a glimpse into the research of Dr. Jay Giedd , a top neuroscientist who's studying the adolescent brain. Giedd uses magnetic imaging technology to peer into what he calls "the black box" of teenagers' brains. He's discovered an unexpected growth spurt, just before puberty, in the frontal cortex (the area of the brain involved in judgment, planning, and strategizing). This new growth is followed by a period of pruning and organizing the new neural connections which continues through adolescence.  (RealPlayer:  Shoot Screen)

Political material, some are very provocative.  Good things to stimulate thinking.

Great news material and some great very visual Flash animations.

To Download Flash and Convert to QuickTime

A terrific ad to download in QuickTime.  Begs for a narration that relates to something at hand.

Great general resource and library.  Send the general description below.  This site is a great piece of work from Annette Lamb and her folks