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Great archives for old material from black and white dancing cigarette ads to old  political television ads.

More of the same, plus deeper resources

(for sale).  See the notes below.  British footage from all realms and subject areas.  For PowerPoint, web, and more

Great commercial vender for instructional media in Quicktime, Windows Media Player, and some streaming only resources

From the great folks at PBS

Very good stuff from Nova.  Some for streaming, some for download.

Very good stuff from Nature.  Some for streaming, some for download.

More quirky, but valuable material

 For streaming.

This excerpt from "Inside the Teenage Brain" offers a glimpse into the research of Dr. Jay Giedd , a top neuroscientist who's studying the adolescent brain. Giedd uses magnetic imaging technology to peer into what he calls "the black box" of teenagers' brains. He's discovered an unexpected growth spurt, just before puberty, in the frontal cortex (the area of the brain involved in judgment, planning, and strategizing). This new growth is followed by a period of pruning and organizing the new neural connections which continues through adolescence.  (RealPlayer:  Shoot Screen)

Political material, some are very provocative.  Good things to stimulate thinking.

Great news material and some great very visual Flash animations.

To Download Flash and Convert to QuickTime

A terrific ad to download in QuickTime.  Begs for a narration that relates to something at hand.

Great general resource and library.  Send the general description below.  This site is a great piece of work from Annette Lamb and her folks

Interactive Flash.
A favorite site for great visuals.
Very high quality sound tracks-free to schools and educational use.
Gallery of videos.
RealPlayer, so only for streaming-unless you get ingenious. Great material
Truly wonderful animations-but in Flash.  To convert for digital projects, see Flash converter above.
Just one of the great resources from NASA-yours to use.
Real Player Video of History of Flight
Female engineers interviewed
A wide range of interviews in overarching subjects like Leadership, Passion, and Vision, from a wide range of very famous (and not so famous) high achievers,1412,56667,00.html,O;
CSPAN video of news conferences, debates, etc.
Historical resources from the video libraries on CSPAN
CSPAN lesson plans, videos, etc.
The general teacher video resources from CSPAN
CSPAN Commencement Speeches from CSPAN - with lesson plan
All Low Resolution preview material is free of charge.  High Resolution clips for PowerPoint presentations are £25 each. High Resolution clips for Web Publishing are £500 each.
All fees are payable on-line.
Preview material is strictly for off line usage. No rights are granted for any audience outside educational use in schools.
PowerPoint presentation rights are for one year from date of purchase and are strictly for use in presentations to an invited audience.
Web Publishing rights are worldwide for one year from the date of purchase. Only medium resolution clips can be used commercially. They can, of course, be transcoded to different file types and resolutions before publishing, but the source material must be of a quality that meets with British Pathe's standards.
Any requests for higher resolution material, usually delivered on VHS, CD-ROM, DigiBeta or Digital Video Tape, should be channelled through a British Pathe Librarian.

About this site:  A Peek at History, Piracy-Free 
By Patrick Di Justo   |   Also by this reporter Page 1 of 1
02:00 AM Dec. 27, 2002 PT
In a move that started as a project to save money on film storage, British Pathe has put more than 3,500 hours of its old newsreels online, creating what it says is the largest online digital news archive. The move adds fresh perspective to the debate over online digital copyright management.  
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Newsreels are short news films, only a few minutes long, that covered the issues of the day and screened in movie theaters before the feature film. British Pathe produced its last newsreel in 1970.
Unlike the "ephemeral" films in the Prelinger Archives , which can be downloaded and used freely, British Pathe newsreels are still under copyright. British copyright expires 70 years after the death of the last surviving contributor to the work.
As such, Pathe has the right to charge for the use of the clips and to regulate how they may be used. Users can download low-resolution watermarked previews from Pathe's website for free. High-resolution clips for PowerPoint-type presentations given before a limited audience can be licensed for one year for £50 (about $78); clips that will be posted on the Web are licensed for £100 (about $157).
British Pathe also offers VHS and DVD newsreel compilations for £10 (about $16) per clip.
Initial fears that only a small number of history buffs would be interested in downloading clips were put to rest soon after the site debuted on Nov. 19. The company used up its monthly 46-GB download capacity in three days, after more than 250,000 users downloaded nearly 50,000 files.
"The costs (for extra bandwidth) were easily covered by PowerPoint, Web publishing and VHS sales," said Peter Fydler, the commercial director for British Pathe.
In contrast with many U.S. media companies, which are insisting on mandatory copy protection of digital content, British Pathe uses a much simpler method to protect its intellectual property: They've placed a small British Pathe logo in the bottom-right corner of each video.
There is also a very British warning on the site's FAQ, which states that the company "would hope ... that the images downloaded are not misused in any way."
"We're not too worried about the files being abused," Fydler said. "If anyone wants to rip off British Pathe, it's much easier, cheaper (and) higher quality to buy an historical VHS or DVD."
Then again, teenage pirates aren't as likely to swap high-resolution videos of the 1952 state funeral of King George VI with the same fervor as they trade camcorder copies of Star Trek: Nemesis .
Yet the success of Pathe's simple strategy doesn't surprise the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Cory Doctorow. "They're treating their customers like customers, not criminals. It's not surprising that they're thriving," he said.
A representative of the Motion Picture Association of America declined to speak on the record about British Pathe's policy. The MPAA supports Sen. Fritz Hollings' Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (PDF), which calls for circuitry to be built into consumer electronic hardware to prevent unauthorized duplication of copyrighted media.
Doctorow points out that copy protection has never effectively stopped dedicated piracy. "It just controls what the average citizen can do with the media they've paid for."
But British Pathe's apparent success has yet to inspire other media companies. Peter Bregman, archivist for Fox Movietone newsreels, and Peter Costiglio, a spokesman for AOL Time Warner's Time Inc., each said their companies have no plans to make their newsreel archives available online.
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BrainPop (Flash Animations)
Dear Mr. Davidson:
I recently read about your different achievements and successful milestones with KOCE TV and wanted to congratulate you for this innovative work. I would like to give you a quick introduction to BrainPOP, a leading producer of online educational movies for K-8.
BrainPOP's 300 online movies explain Math, Science, Technology, English and Health using a unique visual style, clever language, and appealing characters. Thousands of schools across the country have already subscribed to and integrated it in their classes as part of the curriculum they deliver everyday. BrainPOP movies are also licensed by media companies and educational publishers including: McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, Yahoo!, AOL.
Intrigued?  Watch our movies to see what we are made of:
English -new-:
We have already hundreds of schools using BrainPOP in California and believe that current movies or custom made movies could deliver a
great learning experience to teachers and students through KOCE TV on-air and online.
Please let me know your feedback.
Best regards,
Yves Saada
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 212.689.9923 x.11
Cell: 917.312.2060
Fax: 212.447.5179
115 West 30th Street - Suite 200
New York, NY 10001
About BrainPOP:
BrainPOP's award-winning movies are based on Math, Science, Health, English and Technology curriculum topics for K-8. A dynamic cast of five characters leads the user through related activities - interactive quizzes and games, comic strips, experiments, and an interactive Q&A email service for kids and teens on any topic, including personal concerns. Each month 1.5+ million kids watch BrainPOP movies and exchange messages with Tim, Moby, Cassie, Rita, Gary and Bob. BrainPOP has developed partnerships with McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, AOL, Yahoo, The Washington Post. BrainPOP has won multiple education and media awards including; 2002 District Administration Curriculum Award, Forbes Best of the Web 2002 & 2001, The Pirelli INTERNETional Multimedia Award 2001 and The Popular Science Magazine Editor's Choice 2001.

More material from NASA
Pioneer 10 Virtual Conference

... , March 3, 1997 from 9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM at NASA Headquarters Auditorium Twenty five years ago on March 2, 1972, Pioneer 10 was launched (A 1.1M QuickTime Clip) from the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, carrying Earth's first space probe to an outer planet. To accomplish this feat, Pioneer 10 had to pass through ... 06/11/01, 13082 bytes
:: NASA Quest > Archives ::
... , March 3, 1997 from 9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM at NASA Headquarters Auditorium Twenty five years ago on March 2, 1972, Pioneer 10 was launched (A 1.1M QuickTime Clip) from the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, carrying Earth's first space probe to an outer planet. To accomplish this feat, Pioneer 10 had to pass through ... 11/09/01, 25943 bytes
:: NASA Quest > Women of NASA ::
... education and engineering careers. See and hear from a few of our unique NASA engineers on why they love engineering! You will need Real Player or QuickTime to view these videos. It is free and can be downloaded here. Download RealPlayer or QuickTime fanny zuniga photo QuickTime Real Player andrew photo ... 11/04/02, 22561 bytes
NASA Quest > Solar System Online
... can be an excellent and exciting way to learn more about the mission. Each clip runs between 1 - 3 minutes in length. You will need Real Player or QuickTime to view these videos. It is free and can be downloaded here. If you have a problem viewing the videos on your system you may need to download a ... 10/25/02, 21776 bytes
... Clearly elated, scientists released new images of Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and west Maui, Hawaii; Dallas, Texas; Salalah, Oman; and Tasmania, Australia. Quick-Time movies of Hokkaido, Japan, home of Mission Specialist Mamoru Mohri, and of Brazil, also were released. "I have to believe that scientists ... 09/25/00, 2532 bytes
Virtual Conference WebChat Discussion
Phil@Bates: . . . . Sat, Jul 20, 6:15AM PDT (-0700 GMT). . . [23 ] Live video feed & webchat Rob, auditorium: . . . . Sat, Jul 20, 6:15AM PDT (-0700 GMT). . . [24 ] Mike-I don't have cuseeme open at this computer. JenniferSellers: . . . . Sat, Jul 20, 6:16AM PDT (-0700 GMT). . . [25 ] Sandy, the ... 10/29/02, 104396 bytes
:: NASA Quest > Archives ::
Header Bar Graphic Astronaut Image Archives Header Boy Image Spacer Tab Homepage Button What is NASA Quest Button Spacer Calendar of Events Button What is an Event Button How do I Participate Button Spacer Bios and Journals Button Spacer Pics, Flicks and Facts Button Archived Events Button Q and A ... 10/29/02, 39999 bytes
:: NASA Quest > Archives ::
... and are undoable. Image directly supports several frame grabber cards for capturing images or movie sequences using a TV camera. It also supports QuickTime compatible video digitizers such as those built into "AV" Macs and the Power Mac 7500/8500. Acquired images can be shading corrected and ... 10/29/02, 34197 bytes
:: NASA Quest > Archives ::
... Capturing Continuously captures and displays video using one of the frame grabber cards directly supported by Image (see list in Appendix B) or a QuickTime compatible video digitizer, such as the ones built into "AV" Macs and the Power Mac 7500/8500. The capture rate varies from 4 to 12 frames ... 10/29/02, 26136 bytes
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Header Bar Graphic Astronaut Image Archives Header Boy Image Spacer Tab Homepage Button What is NASA Quest Button Spacer Calendar of Events Button What is an Event Button How do I Participate Button Spacer Bios and Journals Button Spacer Pics, Flicks and Facts Button Archived Events Button Q and A ... 10/30/02, 105431 bytes
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