General Resources to locate and download Morph

Rough notes from the Hall Davidson

presentation at the Midwest Internet Institute

Note:  The “original” Morph program most often used by schools is available for Windows and Mac free from Roger Wagner Publishing—with the purchase of HyperStudio.  Take a look at


Other morphing programs and where to find them.

Windows $39

Morphman 2000

Free Morph Applet

Morph Magic shareware ($29)

MorphX  Free at the above site (Mac OSX only)

online morph with Hussein

Free for Mac and Windows (offline when I checked)


 Morph 2.5 For Mac/Windows (681,000 bytes)

Ever wanted to experiment with morphing? Gryphon Software's Morph 2.5 is the original award-winning Windows/Mac morphing software that's been extensively used in the movies (eg: Dracula, Robin Hood Men In Tights) and tv commercials and featured on the cover of Time magazine - twice! Morph 2.5 allows you to achieve video-strength morphing animations on your PC, and can playing morphing sequences in QuickTime, AVI, FLC or FLI formats, turn your morph into a screen-saver or print a transformation sequence as a flip book. A fully-functioning download is available - only the save and export functions have been disabled (so you can try it, but not save your results). The full version is only $99 for Windows and $149 for Macintosh. Gryphon also have another Windows download and two Mac downloads available at their site. Our Top Pick Of The Week